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High Peak Tent

The high peak frame tent is an elegant tent that is easy to work with. The center pole rests on cables which create the peaked effect.These tents have a solid white top.
Safe Tent :High-Peak Tents give special occasions a dramatic and glamorous feeling. Safe Tent high-peak tents have a more glamorous appearance than any tent.
These tents are fast becoming the most popular rental tent for smaller sizes. Also, several of these tents can be combined together, or with high peak pole tents, to create unique shapes.
* No columns in the center
* Used 100% space
* Install on either grass or asphalt and the sleek swooping look of high peak pole tents
Available Sizes:
*  3m width
*  4m width
*  5m width
*  6m width
*  8m width
*  9m width
*  10 m width
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