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What size do you need?


When you have an idea of the number of guests you are expecting, you need to decide what size and type of marquee you require.

We have put together a sizing calculator to give you an idea of your options, this is a guide only as each event is unique and therefore requirements do vary. However this is a good starting point. If you would like to work out the size you need yourself there are some general points to remember that can help you with your planning.

For example :event tent


3ft round tables will seat 4 people and take up and 8ft x 8ft area.

5ft round tables will seat 8 to 10 people using Cheltenham chairs and 8 people using patio it takes up a 10ft x 10 ft area.

6ft round tables will seat 10 to 12 people using Cheltenham chairs and 10 people using patio it takes up a 12ft x 12ft area.
6ft trestle tables standing singularly will seat 6 people using gilt and takes up an 8ft x 8ft area.
These sizes offer a comfortable amount of space and give good access for waiting staff, if space if limited you can stagger tables to increase your seating capacity, remember to allow space for people to enter the marquee.
If possible 5ft round tables are a good option as the width of most marquees are in multiples of 10ft so for example on a 30ft wide structure you will get a row of three tables, then for every 10ft of length you will get another row of three, on a 40ft wide you will get four tables and every 10ft of length you will get a row of four etc etc.

You also need to remember to allow an area for a dancefloor if applicable; you can seat people on the dancefloor if space is an issue, in with the space for the actual dancing area you need to have an area for your DJ or band and also access to the dancefloor.
For buffet areas the size will depend on your menu and the number of people at you function, a single trestle table is 2ft 6 wide by 6ft long, it is worth allowing an area behind the table for caterers to refill the buffet and you will need an area in front for people to have access without disturbing the other guests.
For bar areas again this will depend on the type of function you are holding. For events with a paying bar a larger bar is advisable as this will help to increase revenue. Each bar front unit is 4ft long and 2ft 6 wide and the back units are the same, this can be used singularly or be extended to suit your requirements. Each section will take up a 4ft x 8ft area and then will need approximately a 4ft x 5ft area in front for access. You also need to allow fridge space if applicable. If you prefer, trestles can be a cheaper alternative for making a bar area.
When sizing for a conference style function the chairs you choose will affect the number of people you can seat as they have various dimensions. Averagely one chair will take up 1ft 6 x 3ft area which allows for leg space, it is important to allow for aisle space and adequate entrances/exits as people need to be able to get to and from their seats easily.

For dance tents and festivals the legal number of people you can accommodate is 3 people per sq m (10.86 sq ft) this is a maximum legally allowed, for health and safety we would recommend that you reduce this to 2 per sq m. It is very important to take into account the sq footage that your accessories i.e. staging and bars take up when calculating the size you need.
We would advise you to seek advice from us on the most suitable size for your function, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.


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