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SAFE TENT Pagoda marquee structures provide the means to create eye-catching tensile roof structures. Together with ease of assembly and perfect build-quality, the Pagoda marquee series provides the perfect solution for a vast range of applications. Pagoda marquee structures are available in a variety of square sized units from 3.00m through to 10.00m in clear-span width.Pagodas create an ideal solution for reception areas or can be joined together by the use of integrated rain gutters,which enables the formation of multiple configurations enhancing the visual impact of any event whatever the location.
Large PAGODA(PSF-0800)
Large PAGODA(PSF-1000)
Pagoda marquees
Pagoda marquees(PSF-0400)
China PAGODA(PSF-0300)
China PAGODA(PSF-0400)
China PAGODA(PSF-0500)
China PAGODA(PSF-0600)
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